Dental Clinics

It has been proven that people
who rehabilitate the mouth-
Also managed to rebuild their life.
Would you hire a person without teeth?

(Dr. Shmuel Katz, director of dental clinics)

Who hasn't experienced a toothache in his life?
Yes, the kind that bothers you, paralyzes you from activity.
One which does not allow you to sleep at night,
and does not allow you to eat.
When a patient arrives, throbbing with pain,
we rush to make him a dental appointment, for first aid.
It'll cost what it'll cost, the pain is unbearable.

And for those who have no way to pay?

Everyone has their own way of coping.
Taking anti-anxiety pills or going through terrible suffering.
Until…. Until it is no longer possible to deal with the pain,
and then ... Then the tooth will be removed,
and the pain will ease. One tooth, and another.
And at the end of the day, the mouth will look like an old man's, without teeth,
unable to eat solid food, to smile and talk like anyone else.

Tens of thousands of people in Israel can not afford dental care.
They suffer from pain and neglect, From periodontal disease,
leading harm directly to their quality of life.
The organization U'Vneh, which has gave itself the goal of rehabilitating families,
has discovered the great importance of treatment
in this critical area. The association has established dental clinics
that assists thousands of people in professional treatments,
and bring back their smile to their faces.
Reality has shown that people who have taken care of their
teeth have managed to get back in the job market. They dared to come back,
went to job interviews, looked better and suddenly -


A healthy, normative,
life-changing appearance. Fact.


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