Economic Assistance

"It does not matter how much you work,
Electricity you will not be able to pay "

(Ricky, with five children)  


When Michael abandoned her and the children,
Ricky was strong. She believed he would come back,
and believed in her strength to survive until....
From a housewife, she started working at the supermarket,
working shifts, day shifts, afternoon shift, sometimes night.
Her twelve-year-old daughter took care of the children, realizing that
"Mama was bringing food home, and no, there is no other way."

A month, two months, three...

When she came to the National Insurance Institute,
to receive alimony or income support, her world was destroyed.

As a full-time woman,
She is not entitled to an annuity From National Insurance!

How would she feed five children?

From where will you pay rent?
She decided to add more hours to her work day,
and barely reached NIS 5,500 per month.
The rent check is dated for the 10th of the month,
the day after receiving the salary.
Then the amount that is left in the account is two thousand.
She pulls them, and buys a little bit of food.
Every little bit lets the children feel that Mother is coming back
with something in her hand, even though the refrigerator  
at the end of day remains empty....

The electricity bill accumulates. Eight hundred shekels.
One thousand five hundred. twenty one hundred.

The warning before the disconnect. H E L P.
The kids frightened from the dark. H E L P.

Like angels, representatives of the organization
came to her one evening for a talk at home.
They were shocked by the sight of the empty refrigerator,
they heard about the tremendous efforts
that this heroic woman was making to support her children.
And they made a simple calculation.
Without an additional NIS 2,000 a month, she will not survive.
A year of assistance was promised,
along with a woman's occupational rehabilitation program.
With her strength, she can certainly make progress,
and not stay forever working at the supermarket.

And so, we change lives.