Economic Direction
and the Exercise of Rights

We asked the association to help us not to fall,
And we got the best possible help-
Which taught us how to manage alone
(Yaron and Smadar)                        


Did you know
that tens of thousands of families
can be moved above the poverty line,
only by proper economic direction?

Did you know
that more than 40%
of the families who turn to U'Vneh
merited to stand on their on two feet again,

after they adopted the organization's
programs for their economic rehabilitation?

Did you know
that thousands of families do not exhaust
their rights due to them by law,
some due to lack of information,
dysfunction or fear of rejection
after experiencing those feelings
from the relevant institutions in the past?

The organization U'Vneh builds an economic plan,
directing and accompanying the family
until they reach the target -Standing on their own feet.

Until life has changed.