Food Stamps

When you meet people,
you know you want to be there for them.

(Oren D. Donor and Contributor)                 

"Once a month we take a family holiday.
We all go shopping at the supermarket,
buy dairy products, Diapers, all that is missing at home.
Even cornflakes for children.
The children help, carry the bags and sort
with me the products in the closets...
Such happiness on their faces ...
Look at the pictures! "

(Sima, married to a disabled person,
attached a picture of the happy children...)


When I received the food stamps for the first time,
I could not believe it, hundreds of shekels,
hundreds of shekels. How?
How can you fathom that even though Passover
or Sukkot is not on the horizon,

my house is empty ...
completely empty ... 
(Hani, a single mother to 6)  

The U'Vneh organization assists in distributing
food stamps at least once a month to support families.
Giving the coupons allows the families to buy the products
they need, a respectful addition to the weekly food distribution.

You can also be a partner and change their lives.