The most difficult departments in hospitals,
giving anti-anxiety pills to the ill.
"Do I need to be hospitalized to get a drug that
will extinguish the fire in my soul?"

(Miri. Before the procedure)             

Moments before the end...
there is an answer!

Here's Miri's story

She came to the organization in horror, repetitively looking left to right, in terror.
"I only want food stamps for my children, and that's it, I do not need any more help."
They gave it to her.
She received the coupons and hid them inside her clothes.
"He cannot know that I was here, okay?"
There was no need to ask who. He. The fear of her life.
Her children's father. She kept coming for five months,
took food stamps, and ran away, refusing to speak a word.
The caregiver, who had, unusually, gave her all the coupons,
to try to contact her by doing so, and to explain to her
that we live in the State of Israel, not in a third world country.
Little by little she was able to crack her veil of anxiety.
Three minutes of hasty talking, turning into five, and ten ....
And precious hours of treatment.
Today, two years after her massive mental treatment,
she began to work. Just like that, twice a week.
To see people, she comes to the organization openly,
receives emotional help and re-examines her life's choice.
The professionals of U'Vneh wait patiently for her.
Offer everything, also allow the father of her children
to enter a treatment to help against violence.
Maybe, we could save another house from being dismantled.
Maybe. But her, her mental life, we saved-that's for sure.

Yes, Miri did not need hospitalization,
to extinguish the fire in her soul.


When the soul is crying....
Mommy is no longer with us.
U'Vneh organization is.

The Story of Eran

He was ten years old when his mother became ill with cancer.
He hardly remembers the days before, only the two hard years,
like hell.His mother goes to the hospital... and returns very weak,
barely able to crawl into bed.

She is vomiting.
She is crying.

His father closes himself in a room and is on the phone endlessly.
Doctors. Consultations. Hospitals. Medicines. A full cabinet of drugs.
Then, the mom gathers all the children for a talk and just cries.
And her funeral. He didn't even have time to finish his goodbyes,
to tell her how much he loves her and how much he needs her to live,
because without her life isn't worth living.
Like a fleeting dream, Mother, what a sweet word.
Painful. Agonizing. A longing that cuts the into the heart.
endless nights, he would cry out to her, endless crying.
And then his days begin to vary. What is all this studying for?
Who cares when people around us die? What do the friends know?
The seclusion came in stages. The depression, like a worm gnawing quietly.
When the father realized that he needed help and look into psychotherapy,
he was alarmed. It is a fortune.
He doesn't even have the chance to raise the money.
At the next meeting with a representative of the organization U'Vneh,
he must tell her about his son, Eran,
Maybe she could help.
Not a month passed, and Eran enter regular psychological treatment.
He has an address. He has an image of closeness, intelligence, and sensitivity.
He has someone to talk to, who to cry with,
and from whom to receive strength. Together with the psychologist,
he practices. Together, they overcome the pain,
And step by step, step by step, back to the life of the great,
happy world outside.

Life Changing.
This is not a slogan 
This is the reality.